Erfurt is the Capital
of the German province Thuringia and also an important center of German genealogy as well as economy. With almost 200.000 inhabitants Erfurt is the biggest city of Thuringia with important sacred and secular archives of ancestry. It is within easy reach for tourists, who are traveling in their ancestors' footsteps, via motorways A4 and A71, by train  as well as via Erfurt International Airport. Erfurt is a real picture book of ancestral history. Already at Charlemagne's period of history Erfurt was an important trade place at the eastern borderline of the empire. Erfurt's Old University was of high importance in the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation. Its mediaeval documents about genealogy are great.

Erfurt's land mark, Cathedral St. Mary & Severi Church; Wahrzeichen Dom und SeverikircheWartburg Castle near Eisenach City, where Dr. Martin Luther translated the Bible
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pictures - left: Erfurt's land mark Cathedral St. Mary and Severi Church, right: Wartburg Castle near Eisenach City

pictures: Mrs. H. B. - a specialist - researching in church register books which documents date back into the early 17th century.
left: in winter time; right: in summer time

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